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150+ Digital streaming platforms worldwide

Digital Artist Development

Emergence Music Distribution’s D.A.D (Digital Artist Development) program is the world’s leading online platform for professional artistic development.


emergence artist funding Initiative

Through this donation fund, we give 3% of our annual income back to all the Emergence Music Distribution artists. Our goal is to reinvest in the artists who chose to emerge with us. We will never forget our artists and we will forever be grateful. This fund will help and grow their careers for years to come.

Keep 100% of Your Royalties

You will always get 100% of your royalties; there are no hidden fees with Emergence Music Distribution.

Monthly Analytic Reports

Access your monthly financial reports. Find out where you are trending. Get to know your fan base. Find out how much royalties you are earning. Expand your audience faster and stay a step ahead of your competitors in your musical career.

Music Marketing Strategies

We have the best team for your marketing needs. We will map out the best strategies for your new releases.

We Connect Artists With the World

No more contracts.

No hidden fees.

Be in control of your musical career.

Explore new avenues in the music industry.

Emerge Now

Why Emergence music DISTRIBUTION

Emergence Music Distribution was created first and foremost for artists to get noticed and discovered internationally. After observing a lack of services other digital distributions were offering, we decided to offer a revolutionary plan that will disrupt and forever change the music industry. At Emergence Music Distribution, each artist will be represented equally and will access the same promotional service as they would with a major label. We offer our members a wide range of services including music distribution on the largest streaming platforms, digital artist development services, music placement in different music playlists, monthly analytical reports, graphic design services, and music marketing.

Become a member today and participate in this revolution with our community of new emerging artists, EMERGE NOW.