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Our Vision

 Emergence Music Distribution was founded with the sole purpose of getting artists noticed and discovered internationally. Upon realizing how poorly other digital distributions were servicing emerging artists, we decided to set up a revolutionary business structure that will disrupt and forever change the music industry. At Emergence Music Distribution, each artist will be represented equally and will access the same promotional service as they would with a major label. We offer our members a wide range of services including music distribution on the largest streaming platforms, digital artist development services, music placement in different music playlists, monthly analytical reports, graphic design services, and music marketing.

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Emergence Music Distribution was founded with the sole purpose of helping artists broadcast their music internationally on existing digital music platforms at a fraction of the cost our competitors are charging. For Emergence Music Distribution, now is the perfect “TIME” to enter the industry and revolutionize it. Online music streaming dominates the industry so we decided to set up a structure that will not take advantage of the artists and will help them achieve success within the music industry.


Would you potentially consider investing in Emergence Music Distribution? You are more than welcome to do so. We take pride in what we do and are ecstatic about what we are about to accomplish. As Canada’s first digital music distribution company, we have developed a business structure where we value the artist instead of abusing them. We stand by our slogan: GIVING ARTISTS WHAT THEY NEED. To do so, we will them access to the necessary promotional tools they need to up their professional game regardless of their background, nationality or musical genre. We live in a cultural melting pot where untapped treasures are waiting to be discovered. This is why we chose to have a multicolour logo to signify that there is not just one colour in this world. Investing in our vision is an incredible opportunity to explore unchartered territories and invest in the future. At Emergence Music Distribution, we side with the artists. We are all leaders. We are trailblazers. Don’t be caught int the trail of dust behind us. We will be game-changers in the music industry!

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