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Great news! Emergence Music Distribution is always looking for new and motivated talent to join our endlessly growing staff. If you have what it takes, if you want to discover and be involved in the music industry, then Emergence Music Distribution will gladly welcome you.

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At Emergence Music Distribution, we do not know what “work” is. We are building careers in a fun and fulfilling environment. If you love music and would like a long term position with our company, there are many positions to fill. We will teach you the ins and outs of the music industry.

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As you know, the music industry is one of the global industry with the fastest-growing annual profits. Would you like to invest in a company that will help you increase your profits? Emergence Music Distribution is the answer to your question. Our young, diverse and dynamic team works hard to grow every dollar you invest with us.

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Do you want to become a partner? At Emergence Music Distribution we love win-win partnerships where every stakeholder has an opportunity to grow their businesses and communities. Let’s grow together!

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